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Interpretation of Wuling
Chapter Ⅱ
        To notch up success, we should capture markets by changing our tactics and strategies all along.
        1. There are only five notes (gong, shang, jiao, zhi and yu) but numerous changes. However, numerous celebrated singers represented by Pavarotti, Caruso and Callas stand out from others by excelling at the changing combination of these five notes.
        2. There is only a staff of five musical lines but numerous changes. However, numerous celebrated composers represented by Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Liszt and Wagner) gain in popularity by excelling at staff.
        3. There are only five colors (white, black, red, orange and green) but numerous changes. Numerous celebrated painters represented by Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Vinci, Pissarro and Munch win worldwide reputation by excelling at these five simple colors.
        4. There are only five tastes (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty) but numerous changes. However, numbers culinary delicacies and skills stems from these five tastes, including culinary delicacies such as eight big cuisine, “Ching and Han” Royal Dynasty Feast, barbecue, hotpot and instant-boiled mutton and culinary skills such as braise, deep fry, fry, sauté and grill.
        5.There are only five elements but numerous changes. Due to five elements, ecology strikes a balance. Five elements follow the way of gold engendering water, water engendering wood, wood engendering fire, fire engendering earth, earth engendering gold, gold restraining wood, wood restraining earth, earth restraining water, water restraining fire and fire restraining gold.

Chapter Ⅱ
        Diamond in the shape of rhombus takes on different appearances by observing from different angles.
        The five simple diamond angles represent our wide vision and attracting prospect.
        To achieve development, we should make most use of strength of all the staff and avoid their weaknesses, appoint talents to vital posts and make concert efforts to build up business.

        Wuling corporate culture integrates our staff’s life philosophy, development philosophy, talent philosophy, values and universe outlook and it is wise for the company to formulate development plan and strategy in the light of our policies.
        (The chapter is the ode to the origin of Wuling drafted by Fang Minghua, who is soliciting for comments and improvements for it via media and really owes a great of gratitude to your instructions.)
Author: Fang Minghua