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Business Concept
Integrity Our company always sticks to business concept of integrity, sincerity and efficiency, which is the cornerstone of our development. Hemudu ancient culture spanning 7000 years is the origin of Confucian philosophy and our business culture inherits the essence of tradition Chinese cultural heritage. As the saying goes, god helps those who help themselves and a just cause gains great support, it is virtues that leads to successful business. Therefore, our ancestors drew a conclusion that “We could rather abandon gold than lose credibility”. Nowadays, all of our staff make concerted effort to dedicate themselves to establishing credibility and pursuing century enterprise.
Sincerity By sticking to conduct code of being rigorous and conscientious and pursuing excellence, the company is engaged in producing quality products. Quality determines the survival of enterprises. As the saying goes, a little error may lead to a large discrepancy and by discovering causes can we save us from disaster and survive, the company should make preparation for danger in safety, foster strength and avoid weaknesses and improve and surpass ourselves constantly.
Friends Our talent philosophy of spotting, nurturing and making the most of talents is the secret of the sustainable development of the company. To achieve development, enterprises should transact business in the fullness of time, position itself properly and employ right people, among which right people is the most important. Old friends are another cornerstone of the development of our company and new friends will bring new ideology and opportunities to our company. Economy in the 21st century features shared resources and benefits. By culturing and cementing friends, we will make friends all over the world. By culturing and cementing friends, we will make friends all over the world.